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In My Bag: Everything I Bring With Me To College

One of my favorite things to see from other people is what they bring in their bags! A lot of the time I'll see something and think 'oh wow, that's so smart' but other times I'm like 'do they really need that every day?' Either way, I love seeing what's in other people's bags for different occasions. So today I wanted to share what I keep in my bag for college. I have been going to my university in Luzern for over 1 year and a half now, and while it isn't rocket science figuring out what you need and don't need I've definitely made some mistakes along the way. Most of the time I am that person with the bottomless back that brings waaayyy more than I actually need. Nevertheless, I have found my must-haves, and what I bring for everyday classes.

Here is a picture of everything I keep in my bag no matter what the class is. Generally, I don't need to bring a bunch of different books, I keep almost everything digitally as a pdf and online. I also do almost all of my planning and organizing digitally too! I attached a pdf with my planner for the month of January! It has a monthly and weekly overview with 2 pages for each day for organizing and planning the individual days in detail as well! It works perfectly with Notability!

My Digital Planner:

January Weekly Planner
Download PDF • 275KB

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