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How To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

I love youtube and morning routine videos are always so fun to watch! I love seeing what people do and the different habits or activities that people implement into their morning. But most of the time those routine videos are not the reality, we oversleep, we run out late, don't have the time to make breakfast, do yoga, a face mask, and all the extra nice stuff. But that stuff isn't essential either, every now and then it is nice to take some extra time in the morning to pamper yourself, but every day? That's not the reality. I have come up with some tips, things that I do, and different ways you can upgrade your morning routine if you need some extra motivation to get up in the morning. Not everything that I write here needs to be implemented, if you can take one of these things and add it to your morning routine to make it the slightest bit less stressful then that is perfect! Whatever works for you. :)

Start the night before. Sometimes mornings can be stressful because you are rushing to pack your bag or pick out an outfit. I have found that deciding what I want to wear and packing everything I need for the next day in my bag the night before makes the mornings so much easier. Something else I do the night before is make a list of everything I need to do or that I want to accomplish the next day. You can also do this on a Sunday before you begin the week and have a list of what you want to get done that week. Making breakfast the night before is also so so helpful! I love doing overnight oats. I do them in to-go cups so that if I don't have time or feel like eating so early and can take them with me! They are so easy and always help give me some energy to get going!

Make your bed first thing in the morning. I don't quite know the saying but I think it's along the lines of clean room, clean mind. I always make my bed right away, after I brush my teeth... need to do that first thing. BUT! Either way, once my bed is made I feel awake and like I can really get started with my day. Having a clear space and clean floors really clears my head.

Making morning skincare a ritual. In my last post, I talked about the skincare habits I am bringing into the new year. Taking my time in the morning and having a set routine helps me wake up and prepare myself for the day. I always start with my ice roller and then ease into my skincare routine from there.

Water before coffee. I found that I feel better in the morning and throughout my day if I can wait at least 30 minutes before making my coffee. I know everyone says to drink a cup of water first thing in the morning, idk why but I cannot drink that much first thing in the morning. My stomach just can't do that. But I take my time and sip some water while I get ready, then I can make my coffee once I'm awake. Sometimes, when I have it, I like to have orange juice instead of coffee. I feel so much better when I do!

Go for a quick walk. Every morning I have to walk my dog, so I have to make sure I am up early enough to do so. I always make sure I have around 15 minute minutes to walk her around the block, but it is also a really great time for me to get some fresh air and wake up my mind and body. Now if you don't have a dog it isn't as easy to just carve out time in your morning to go outside, especially if you are not used to it. But it is a really great thing to add to your morning routine. Bonus: it helps me make sure I'm dressed warm enough for the day. :)

Take up journaling. I have had the 5 minute journal for close to a year now. And while I haven't always done it consistently, when I do I have a much different day. It really takes no time to do, you can even bring it with you for your commute or when you get to work or university. It just always helps grounds me and set my intentions for the day.

Declutter your space. The last tip I have to upgrade your morning routine is cleaning up! If your room, desk, or bathroom are messy it adds unnecessary stress and can make you feel mentally messy, putting off the rest of your day. Clear space clear mind. If you have a clean desk, room, and bathroom your morning can run so much more smoothly and you will feel clear-headed when you go to take on your day!

I hope these tips and ideas help! Don't forget though everyone is different some things won't work for everyone, this is just what works for me. Try out one at a time and see what fits and what helps you upgrade your morning routine!

xo, Noa

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