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How I Keep My Colored Hair Long And Healthy

Happy Monday! I recently got my hair done again and wanted to share my routine for colored hair! Believe it or not, I have been getting highlights since I was maybe 12 years old, and recently I have been going even lighter with my hair too! I have been able to keep it long and healthy despite dying and bleaching it for years so I wanted to share my go-to products and everything I do to keep it healthy and blonde. While I have been getting it colored consistently for almost 10 years, I try to only get it colored 2 times a year. This all depends on how the year is going and how I feel but generally, I keep it around twice a year.

What do I do? When trying to grow out your hair and just keep it healthy in general, the first recommendation is always to reduce heat. I use a heated curling iron once maybe twice a year on my hair and almost always air dry. I do have naturally very straight hair so air drying isn't a problem for me. With all the current heatless curl hacks there are so many new options for curling your hair too. Another tip is to brush your hair morning AND night. Brushing your hair before bed, gently, helps redistribute your hair's natural oils, which can provide extra conditioning for your scalp and hair. Obviously, another tip everyone says is to wash your hair less. I struggle with this, just because I work out so much and get sweaty, which means oily hair. I try to actually shampoo and condition a max of 3 times a week, so when I shower but don't shampoo I do a scrub or a mask for my hair. But generally, if you want to keep your hair long and healthy less is more. But it is also important that you learn what works for you and your own hair type. A lot of the time this is definitely a trial-and-error thing.

My Go-To Products:

When it comes to knowing what works for your hair you have to know what your hair type is. And for me that is, a lot of fine strands, that can get oily pretty fast. Because my hair tends to get oily so quickly I don't add oil to it all that much. But I have been using the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil now for a little over a year I think, and it works amazing. I put on just a little bit of it to my ends and it keeps my hair so smooth and shiny. It is a little more on the pricy side, but it is honestly the only hair oil I trust and it is worth the price 100%.

A recent thing I've found that I have been using is this L'Oreal 8-Second Wonder Water. It is like a serum that you use in the shower, you put it on JUST the ends of your hair, rub it in quickly and wash it out in 8 seconds. It's super quick and it stressed me out at first, hahah, but it's awesome! It has been helping keep my ends from getting dry and I think it is also preventing split ends even!

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I tend to switch them up a lot. I don't know if that's good or bad for my hair... haha. But it seems to work just fine! I switch what I am using depending on the season. In the winter my hair can be actually quite dry whereas in the summer is even more oily than usual. Brands that I love and absolutely trust are Aveda, Christophe Robin, and Olaplex. I am obsessed with the Olaplex Purple Shampoo, I have found it is the only one that keeps my color bright and vibrant while also keeping my hair shiny and smooth.

That's what I do, and have learned works for me when it comes to caring for my hair. :)

xo, Noa

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