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About me

Hi! Welcome to my Blog! I decided to dedicate my first post to introducing myself. I have moved so much and gone to so many different schools that it's kind of a long and complicated story, so I tried my best to simplify it... :) My full name is Noa Jane Holden. I was born in Vancouver, Canada in 2000, exactly 1 year later we moved to Winnipeg. In the first 10 years of my life, I moved 13 times. Then in 2008 we landed in Zug Switzerland and have lived here ever since. My family had always thought we would move back to North America at some point, with that in mind I attended an International School for 8 years. In 2016, we decided to try and fully integrate into the Swiss lifestyle, which meant me attending a local swiss school, however, my German skills were lacking, I went to a camp in Lindberg im Allgäu, Germany for 3 months to perfect it. At first, this was a huge struggle for me, I was totally thrown into the language. I was constantly struggling with communicating with others around me. As soon as I overcame the fear of embarrassing myself or making a mistake I started to enjoy the experience. In 2017 I started going to a fashion and design school/apprenticeship in Zürich. I have always had a passion for anything artsy; graphic design, drawing, painting, photography, and even sewing. 

So, why this website? At first, I just wanted to place online to put my portfolio, then I decided to start a blog. A blog is something I have wanted to do forever! I just never really put aside time or did the proper research. But I want to use this platform to share my experiences, the lessons I've learned, the places I've seen, and most of all fashion, while taking others on the journey with me. :)

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