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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by! It is already December, and Christmas is so close!! I totally love shopping for gifts and especially giving them. So I thought I'd share some ideas for gifts this year.

PRO TIP: the safest way to decide what to get someone, is to shop for their hobby. Meaning if they like to cook, beauty or fitness for example you can almost always find a gift that will fit them! Anyway, here are some gift ideas, organized by hobby - plus a couple stocking stuffer ideas at the end :)

Gifts for the Sporty

Sporty gifts are a lot of fun! Bala weights are on every influencers shelf and every others wish list. They could definitely be a good gift, if someone is looking for some new ones or other options. If you feel like splurging on someone, and they don't already have the Apple Watch, this is a must have! It's is worth every penny, especially for someone who's sporty. Yoga mats are always useful! I love the Lululemon ones they're also reversible, and come is several colors. Staying with Lululemon, their leggings or a set from there is something everyone can be excited about, even just a cute top would be so fun! Another fun gift idea would be a nice water bottle. These crystal water bottles are super fun - they clean out and purify the water.

Gift for the Chef

If you're getting a gift for someone that loves to cook, or host, a nice cheese plate is always a nice idea. And you could also add some nice cheese knives to the gift. Since it's Christmas, these Anthropologie plates are so cute - they would be perfect for setting out some Christmas cookies! A nice pot or pan is also a good idea for anyone! This dutch oven is super practical, and has a cute desert design on it! Teas towels are also always a nice gift, which you know will for sure be of use! Urban Outfitters has some really cute ones. Placemats are also a good idea - these ones are unique and come in three colors. A nice, large serving bowl is great for anyone! Hydroflask makes a really nice one that even comes with a lid.

Gifts for the Traveler

A nice big tote bag is a great gift idea for someone who travels. The Beis Weekender is the perfect carryon. A must have when traveling are packing cubes! Beis also makes some great zip bags, they help plan out outfits and give you a way to store dirty laundry. Slip eye masks are extremely nice, and something not everyone would buy for themselves, as they are a little bit on the pricier side. They are super gentle on the skin, and a great anti aging option. Slippers are an awesome gift idea, if you know they're size. These UGG slippers are perfect for traveling but also walking around the house and running errands. Another great travel gift is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. It's great and they could take it on a plane too! A camera is also, always a good gift. Especially if they like to travel and keep their memories somewhere - maybe even a nice photo album would be a nice addition or group gift idea. Of course ( if you know sizes ) a sweatsuit is a great gift. You can get a matching top and bottom from juicy couture - makes the best track suits, especially for travel.

Gifts for the Beauty Guru

Beauty gifts are always a good idea. My first gift idea is a gift set, they are great and always fun to open, because you get a bunch of little things in one. Charlotte Tilbury, pillow talk shade is loved by everyone, and this Pillow Talk Lip and Eye set has so many fun options. Tarte has a set with different face and eye 4 palettes! How nice is that?! All are great neutral and diverse shades that anyone could use! Another fun beauty gift is a nice candle, I know so many people love the Diptyque ones. Last year I got my sister the Roses one, and it was so great - lasted so long and the scent was very natural. A nice perfume is also a great idea. So many people love Le Labo, I personally have wanted one for so long! Their scents are so natural and I love the brands story. They are definitely on the pricier side, but each one is unique and it's definitely worth it. I don't know if everyone knows this, but a little while ago this Tom Ford lip blush balm went viral, and it is so cool. This would also be a really fun gift for someone, if you wanna splurge a little on 1 item. A nice mascara is always a must have, the Ilia Limitless Lash mascara is amazing quality and definitely a great gift. Lastly, if you're buying for someone who really loves beauty, they definitely need a silk pillow case. I talked about slip earlier, when I recommended the sleep mask. The pillow case is also anti aging, and great for your skin and hair! I have both and they are amazing. Definitely recommend these as a great gift for everyone!

Gifts for the Skincare and Wellness Guru

If you're looking for a gift for someone that loves wellness or just relaxing and taking time for skincare and mental health there are lots of options. One idea would be a journal, whether its a journal with prompts or if its empty, they're always useful! Alo, one of my favorite fitness brands, came out with beauty and skincare! Their head-to-toe glow oil has amazing reviews, another idea could a nice lotion, like the super fruit lotion! But any body oil and lotion set would be a great gift idea! Another fun idea is gua sha - Kora Organics has a great set, that even comes with some skincare - sets are always a great idea! If your getting a gift for someone that loves wellness and skincare, masks are a must! These baggage claim Wander eye masks would be an amazing gift. A lip mask is also a great idea - the Lineage Lip Sleeping mask is absolutely amazing! I've repurchased it at least 3 times... seriously. Also the Summer Fridays lip butter set is amazing, especially if they live where it's cold. One last addition could be a fun robe. This could even go go with another one of these gifts.

Minis and Stocking Stuffers:

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